Justice suspends compulsory vaccination in the United States

The U.S. Federal Court of Appeals on Saturday suspended the immunization requirement for employees of companies with more than 100 employees, a setback for U.S. President Joe Biden, who is fighting the entire country against COVID-19.

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The move is aimed at vaccinating tens of thousands of employees against Govt-19 by January 4th.

Announced in mid-September, it was approved by the administration this week and immediately urgently challenged in court, especially in the state of Texas, where it was restricted by Republicans who oppose any vaccine obligation to fight the epidemic.

In conclusion, the federal court, which is qualified for this large South American state, considers the plaintiffs to have “argued that there are serious constitutional and practical issues” with the government speech. The latter is therefore “suspended” on the basis of merit pending the court’s examination.

“We can challenge Biden’s unconstitutional abuse of power in court,” Texas Conservative Governor Greg Abbott responded on Twitter, saying he had already banned vaccination duties on his soil. He added that investigations would take place “soon”.

While this is only a pause in this regard, it is a major setback for the Democratic president, who monetized its infrastructure investment plan by passing his first major legislative victory in Congress on Friday.

“Vaccination is the best way out of this infection,” Joe Biden commented in a statement released Thursday, promising to “avoid this obligation” which is considered to affect two-thirds of the workforce in the country. “More and more people are not getting vaccinated so we can definitely leave it at that,” he said.

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The paused text leaves it to the employer to take appropriate action, including discipline against the vaccine and routine testing. According to the text, companies that fail to comply with the obligation will be fined between $ 13,000 and $ 136,000.

The White House has warned that the new rule will apply to all states, including laws that prevent the need for vaccines, masks or tests.

But in a country with individual liberties, this American version of the health pass provokes a cry in Republican opposition, which condemns “dictatorship.”

Several large U.S. groups, including meat company Tyson Foods or airline United Airlines, have already prepared the field by imposing these obligations on their employees from the end of September.

Joe Biden noted that these precedents did not lead to “mass layoffs” or “labor shortages” due to opposition to the vaccine.

“Employers who have implemented vaccination programs in their workplace, for the most part, have had incredible success with more than 95% of workers in vaccination duty in good condition,” Deputy Minister of Labor Jim Frederick underlined on Thursday.

He predicted that this would “be the norm in most workplaces that use the vaccine requirement”.

As fuel from the summer by delta variation, the epidemic has already killed more than 750,000 people in the United States.

President Biden has made the fight against Govt-19 a symbol of his presidency. But the full-fledged U.S. vaccination campaign has exhausted steam, increased pollution rates, and somewhat reduced the economic recovery.

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