Jupiter’s Legacy: Netflix’s Superheroes struggle to convince our verdict

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All episodes of Buyer’s Legacy are available on Netflix And as always, we give you a little judgment without the spoilers to see if the series is worth it. And we’re not going to go there in four ways: No. Obviously if you are a fan of powers, superheroes, and action, Buyer’s legacy He can do the job. But once we dig a little, we quickly realize that The series is deeply lacking in depth, accuracy, and rigor. Its heroes, whose younger generation is supposed to create a little revolution in the conservative world of Sheldon, are as cartoonish as their elders, and that says a lot.

Utopia – Crédit (s): netflix

Be it Chloe, Brandon, Grace or “Sky Fox,” the characters try in vain to win the sympathy of the viewers. Recognized We don’t forget that Buyer’s legacy Based on storyboards, adaptation is difficult at times. However, we regret that Netflix, as with many of its series, has attempted to sell the “mega” series without worrying about its production. Even if the main plot came from the comics, the message could have been refreshed without turning into a world led by a condescending hero seeking deliverance from his children.

Buyer's legacy
Buyer’s Legacy – Credit (s): netflix

The Netflix unveiled trailer gave good hope to see a series of superheroes of the same level as the Marvel series that Netflix had to give up, or even a perfect rival to the excellent The Boys of Amazon Prime Video. But whether it’s the battles and their unconvincing special effects, storylines or characters, Buyer’s legacy Obviously, he’s missing the point. Again, this obviously doesn’t mean that she can’t please her and with low expectations, she can definitely look at herself. But we expected more from Netflix who already knew how to charm us with very cool original creations which, unfortunately, seem to be becoming increasingly rare these days.

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