July 14th in London with Laurence Boone

Lawrence Bunn, Secretary of State attached to the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs with responsibility for Europe, was in London (United Kingdom) on 13-14 July. After the Franco-British summit on March 10, this visit was a new opportunity to discuss EU-UK relations. The Foreign Secretary met with her British counterpart, Leo Docherty, to discuss energy issues, particularly those related to migration and mobility.

She also visited the headquarters of DeepMind, a company specializing in artificial intelligence (AI), a subsidiary of the Alphabet Group (Google), where she met with its managers and researchers. It also exchanged with various private sector actors, universities and think tanks on the topic of AI, its development and regulation.

She gave a speech at the reception organized by the French Embassy in the United Kingdom on the occasion of the French National Day, to which more than 1,600 French citizens were invited.

Meetings with ministers

British European Minister Leo Docherty said at the conclusion of the meeting that he was satisfied with the existing dialogue between the two countries.

“We are taking stock of the progress that has been made since the France-UK summit with my French counterpart, Lawrence Bonne. We are working closely together to fight illegal immigration, to cooperate on energy and to strengthen our collective security.”

British Minister for Europe Leo Docherty

Lawrence Boone shares this sentiment, as she stated.

“I am delighted to meet my counterpart Leo Docherty in London to work on strengthening cooperation between France and the UK after the March 10 summit on youth mobility, fisheries, energy and migration, and to discuss relations with Europe and the Western Balkans.”

Lawrence Bonne, Secretary of State Attached to the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, responsible for Europe

National holiday in the residence of France

Like every 14th July 2023, there was a garden party at the Résidence de France gardens in London to celebrate our national holiday. As is often the case, English rain was invited but it didn’t spoil the party. About Mrs. Hélène Duchin, Ambassador of France in London, and Consul General of France Samer Melki, in addition to Lawrence Bonne, Secretary of State to the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, 3 French senators from abroad, Joël Garriod-Maylam (LR) and Olivier Cadic ( UDI) and Yan Chantrel (PS).

Obviously the guest star, Lawrence Boone, in her talk revisits her experience in London as a student, just 9 years ago. referring to the expatriates in the gardens of the Résidence de France, but also to the bridge between the two banks of the canal symbolized by the “Entente Cordiale”. Referring to the exchange with her counterparts, she made a point of highlighting the work done since the March 10 summit. Finally, she referred to Ukraine, noting that both France and the United Kingdom are permanent members of the United Nations Security Council and pillars of NATO, thus returning to the primary role of the two countries in resolving this conflict with Russia.

Allow the French to live in peace in the UK

As for the French in the United Kingdom, the Foreign Minister had a message addressed to them, while since Brexit many of them are concerned about their status and the continuity of their stay in the United Kingdom.

“Protecting your rights to live here, work and study in this country is a ‘point of interest’ raised during an ongoing dialogue between us and the British authorities. Because through your professional life, and often through your personal life, you represent the Franco-British relationship in all its diversity. I hope our friendship will grow power “.

Lawrence Bonne, Secretary of State Attached to the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, responsible for Europe

Lawrence Bonne concluded his speech by paying tribute to the principles and values ​​that unite France and the United Kingdom while welcoming ” Revitalizing relations between the two countries“.

Anne-Marie Trevelyan, Secretary of State in the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, was also in the French residence. I wished for peopleHappy July 14th.“The British Minister had the pleasure of celebrating the French National Day with our compatriots.”The friendship between our two countries is woven. ”

Anne Marie Trevelyan, UK Secretary of State in the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office

She also spoke about the Entente Cordiale, the Rugby World Cup and the Olympic Games to be hosted by France. As Mrs. Trevelyan spoke”from Ukraine’, taking the same line as the French foreign minister.

In the end, despite the rain, the party was cheerful and 1,600 people tasted French food and wine in a spirit of harmony.

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