Julien de Casabianca turns rural space into a masterpiece in Luri

How do you qualify for this job? Giant puzzle, jumble, temporary show? All three at the same time…made by a world class street art artist. Already famous for its work around the world, it allows the museum’s work to escape, to be reproduced on XXL sized supports. This time, Julian attacked the interface St Peter’s Church كنيسة from the village.

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A type of “trompe-l’oeil” representing the landing from the prone by Rogier Van der Weyden. We wanted to bring culture to the countryside,” Confirms Jean-Matteo Sosini, 2e Deputy Mayor of Lowry, delegate of culture.

After the first audition at the Popularte de Lozzi Festival in a religious building, Julien de Casabianca came for five days to make the “homemade collage” poster style, but without revealing the secret of the glue and paper grain, in order to leave it softer.

Great work, displayed in cut-outs like a poster, following the image and zooming in. “We would like to warmly thank Fabian Fleury of Popularte, who directed us to this artist. The result was surprising”, I appreciate Marianne Domenesi and Jean Mathieu Sosini.

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In this open-air museum, he was the first to discover Julian de Casabianca’s technique, and college students followed him in the afternoon. “These educational interventions are important, especially when Julian takes the time to explain to them how to do it in class. We are in luck.”

Elementary school students came to discover Julian de Casabianca's style.  - Alan Camoen

From the golden frames, the plate is now counted in square metres. “In the beginning, I was doing things on a human scale”, trusts the artist. “In an instant, we make bigger things, and it makes me dream…but it’s long.” Art in the countryside thanks to the participation of CdC and the municipality of Lowry.

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Like a reflection, it is the facade of the brotherhood that then greets Mary Cleova, the half-sister of the Virgin sitting in a frame inside the church. The saint’s hypnotic lines invite you to discover art…at least in the summer.

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