Julien Bayot considers French diplomacy to be “subject to the goodwill of arms sellers”,


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The National Ecology Secretary for Europe – Greens (EELV) questions a possible “failure” of intelligence services that would have alerted to the intentions of Australia and the United States.

Julien Bayou, National Secretary for the Environment of Europe – Greens (EELV), the verdict on Monday, September 20 at franceinfo “flagrant” That all French diplomacy “Be subject to the goodwill of arms sellers”. After canceling the contract of 12 French submarines with Australia, Paris specially recalled its ambassadors in Canberra and Washington.

Les États-Unis, l’Australie et le Royaume-Uni, ont annoncé mercredi un partenariat stratégique pour contrer la Chine, baptisé Aukus, incluant la fourniture de sous-marins américains à Canberra qui du coup con a avat rompu le France.

“It is still shameful that all of our diplomacy is subject to the goodwill of arms sellers, Julian Bayo Toare. It would have been an honor for French diplomacy to summon the ambassador of Saudi Arabia for questioning about questions regarding attacks on the press or women’s rights. Start ! Start ! why ? Because you have to buy them oil and sell them weapons.”

“I did not hear that ambassadors were summoned when Saudi Arabia was accused of instigating the dismemberment of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. When Saudi Arabia was accused of committing crimes against humanity in Yemen,” he added., he insisted.

“I wonder if there is some kind of naivety.”

Julian Bayo

to franceinfo

“We have a very harsh reaction from Lou Drian [le ministre des Affaires étrangères] Who are not used to this kind of reaction. On top of that, it didn’t make us get used to a lot of feedback. They didn’t see the deal go through.”, Confirms. according to him, “It is worth knowing whether there was a failure of the intelligence services or not” French.

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Far from this diplomatic crisis, an ecologist thinks so “France must assume that it is no longer a great power, but a middle power, and that it must work within Europe to be less dependent on America’s big brother.”

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