Jubilee: No picture on the balcony of Meghan Markle, Harry and Andrew

This day falls on Great Jubilee Lunch It’s kind of a big neighbor’s party. It encourages different communities to get to know each other. The event is celebrated all over the UK: you can have a barbecue in your garden with some neighbours, or just share a cup of tea, or have a big meal in the neighbourhood. The goal is to have fun and get to know each other.

platinum queen contest : A big celebration in 4 acts to conclude the Jubilee.

Law 1 : for the queen and the country

It’s a military show.

Law 2 : Our lifetime

It’s a dynamic retrospective of life in England since the Queen’s coronation in 1952. “This number will also contain 150”national treasures‘, including television personalities, musicians, chefs, athletes, designers and artists who helped shape British culture from Over the past seventy years. “This wonderful show combines folk dance, music, graphics and costumes…

Law 3 : Let’s celebrate

It is an association of several cultural activities : Street theatre, animated music, urban dance and the best carnival, May 1st…one thing for sure, it’s probably going to be colorful!

Law 4 : happy and glorious

To conclude these four days of Jubilee, the English people will be able to attend a concert all over Queen Victoria Monument. The London community gospel choir will sing with the celebrities” May God protect the Queen to music Royal Navy. Many well-known personalities from the worlds of arts, entertainment and fashion will be attending… with Ed Sheeran in the apotheosis!

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