Journal St. Francois | General Motors has begun installing 40,000 new charging stations in Canada and the United States.

Following the announcement on December 7, which announced the partnership between General Motors and FLO of Quebec to install 40,000 new Level 2 charging stations in Canada and the United States, the program has officially begun.

Not just for GM customers

Nearly 1,000 GM dealerships, or about a quarter of its North American dealerships, are registered, which will help expand access to electric vehicle chargers across the continent. The automaker says the first stations have been installed in Wisconsin and Michigan. Participating merchants are eligible to receive up to 10 Level 2 charging stations with a capacity of 19.2kW. The charging stations will then be installed in key public locations, including workplaces, multi-unit buildings, event venues, and colleges and universities. All electric vehicle owners will be able to take advantage of the expanded charging network.

Double the charge

GM claims that through this program it can nearly double the current number of Level 2 general chargers in both countries. Nearly 90 percent of North Americans live within 10 miles of a GM dealership, according to the automaker, and dealerships can choose to put chargers in schools, small businesses, entertainment venues, and other places, which will make them more accessible. the public as a whole. GM’s program is part of a broader $750 million effort to expand public access to electric chargers, which includes working with pilot gas stations to build a fast charging network along American highways. GM is also working with EVgo to install 3,250 rapid chargers across the United States by 2025.

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