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An economy class ticket to connect major US cities like Port-au-Prince and Washington now costs under 3 700€ and over 4 000€, which is almost 1 500€Go to Miami. In some cases, prices are multiplied by ten. “It is as if Haiti should not benefit from this humanitarian program brought in by the Biden administration., human rights defender Kelda Thermitus laments into the microphone of our correspondent Ronel Paul. Some see it as a US strategy : “Biden is opening a floodgate that is provoking reactions in America, even in the Democratic camp, but morally he can’t go back there, Pierre Robert Auguste, president of Artibonite’s association of entrepreneurs, analyzes. Are they looking for a way to stem the tide to prevent this question from disrupting the pre-election atmosphere? »

The assembly in Ecuador is controlled by the opposition

Parliament is in the hands of a center-left coalition ahead of the start of an impeachment trial against President Guillermo Lasso on suspicion of embezzling public funds, after elections to renew some heads of legislative power. “When will the President go? Miracles La Hora, It is obvious that the country’s problems never woke him up, which is why the majority of Ecuadorians today want him gone. » The newspaper El Comercio considers in any case “A majority is formed to impeach the President. »

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After nine hours of debate, French Guiana’s Congress of Elected Officials adopted a draft “statutory development” of the 9-7-3 sector.

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