Jose Mourinho belongs … to Chelsea!

May 6, 2021 at 9:15 pm By Adrien Inquimbert

Jose Mourinho couldn’t even use his name for commercial purposes. Only Chelsea can.

It’d be crazy to think about that for over 15 years now Jose Mourinho is wholly owned by Chelsea. Yet it is. The different clubs (and there are several), which Special One passed through, after his first assignment with the Blues, simply did not have the right to benefit from his image. And Jose Mourinho’s assorted accessories in Real Madrid, Inter or Tottenham have never seen the light of day.

Why does Jose Mourinho belong to Chelsea?

When he first arrived at Stamford Bridge in 2005, London leaders saw so much about Jose Mourinho as a way to shine financially through his name and image that they decided to buy the marketing exclusivity of his title and face. Since then and to me Football financingThe trademark is registered in the European Union, the United States, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Australia, China and Norway. This exclusivity, scheduled for 20 years, will lose its effect on March 31, 2025.

What happens if another team uses the “Jose Mourinho” brand?

It is clear, on paper, that there are legal remedies for Chelsea if they see that the exploitation of the Special One trademark is taking place without their consent. However, according to SportBibleDuring the tenure of the Red Devil, Manchester United was still selling derivatives from the Portuguese coach. Roman Abramovi and his followers had not yet taken any legal action. So there is something we wonder about. But what is certain is that none of the other clubs Mourinho went through after his first departure from Chelsea dared offer accessories bearing the image of the former Porto coach.

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