Jordan | The former crown prince, “under house arrest,” denies his participation in a conspiracy

(Amman) The former crown prince and half-brother of King Abdullah II announced today, Saturday, that he is “under house arrest” in his palace in Amman, after he was accused by the army of carrying out activities against “the kingdom’s security.” .

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And Prince Hamzah claimed, in a video clip that his lawyer took to the BBC, that the army chief of staff came to his house and told him that he was “not allowed to leave.” He denied involvement in a conspiracy and accused the authorities in his country of “corruption” and “incompetence.”

The state-run Petra News Agency said earlier that the authorities had arrested the king’s former advisor, Bassem Awadallah, and an unknown number of people for “security reasons.” While the American Daily Gazette Washington Post For its part, he reported a plot to overthrow the king.

And the Jordanian Chief of Staff, Major General Yusef Al-Huneiti, had specified in a statement that Prince Hamzah had been summoned to stop activities that could be used to destabilize the stability and security of the kingdom, but he denied his arrest.

“No one is above the law.” And Major General Al-Hunaiti said, “Jordan’s security and stability come first.” He added, “All measures taken within the framework of the law and after a comprehensive investigation.”

Videos on social media showed a massive police presence near the royal palaces in the Dabouq area of ​​Amman.

‘A complex plot of land’

to me Washington PostThe investigation targeted Prince Hamzah after “discovering what palace officials described as a complex and large-scale plot” to overthrow King Abdullah II.

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“This plot includes at least another member of the royal family, as well as tribal leaders and members of the country’s security directorate,” he added, quoting a senior Middle Eastern intelligence official.

The prince defended in the video, “I am not part of any conspiracy or any evil organization,” expressing his regret that it is no longer possible, according to him, to express his opinion or criticize the authorities “without intimidation, harassment or threat.”

The Jordanian force believes that “its personal interests, financial interests, and corruption are more important than the life, dignity and future of the ten million people who live here,” and Prince Hamzah was again accused.

“Unfortunately, these countries are plunged into corruption, nepotism and mismanagement, which has resulted in the annihilation or loss of hope,” he said.

Stripped of her address

Hamza is the eldest son of King Hussein and his American wife, Queen Noor, Lisa Halaby. As desired by his deceased father in 1999, he was appointed crown prince when Abdullah became king. But in 2004, Abdullah stripped him of the title and gave it to his eldest son, Hussein.

The person whose arrest was announced by the Petra Agency, Bassem Awadallah, was the head of the King’s Court from 2007 to 2008 and then head of the Royal Court until 2008. The former Minister of Finance and Planning was very close to the Jordanian ruler, but he is also a controversial figure.

Bassem Awadallah resigned from his position as head of the royal court in 2008 after he was accused by some parliamentarians, politicians and journalists of interfering in the country’s privatization plans.

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Soon two allies of Jordan supported King Abdullah II on Saturday.

Photo by Vincent Kessler, Reuters Archive

If Roy Abdullah II

We are closely monitoring information and communicating with Jordanian officials. “King Abdullah is a key partner of the United States and he has our full support,” State Department spokesman Ned Price said.

In Saudi Arabia, the royal palace also tweeted, “its full support for the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.” […] The decisions and measures taken by King Abdullah II and Crown Prince Al Hussein to protect security and stability ”in the country.

The Prince’s house arrest and arrest took place a few days before the celebration of the kingdom’s centenary. On April 11, 1921, King Abdullah, ruler of the new state of Transjordan, formed his first government, following the establishment of the emirate in March 1921, alongside Palestine during the British Mandate.

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