Jon Ram reveals that he had to adapt his swing due to clubfoot at birth

(SANDWICH) Spanish golfer John Ram, one of the top candidates in the British Open that begins Thursday at Royal St George in Kent, revealed on Tuesday that his unusual swinging gesture was due to a deformity in his right foot at birth, forcing him to. to adapt its movement.

Kieran Canning
France media agency

“I was born with clubfoot on my right leg. World No. 2, who last month won the first Grand Slam of his career, the US Open, explained, “My foot turned 90 degrees inward and almost upside down.”

“From the moment I was born, they broke every bone in my ankle in an attempt to straighten it. Twenty minutes after I was born, I had a splint (of my right leg) up to knee height,” “Every week, I had to be taken to the hospital for orthopedic surgery.”

The result: With his right leg 1.5 cm shorter than the left, Ram’s ankle mobility was reduced, forcing him from a young age to shorten the amplitude of his movement while swinging.

“If I do a full swing, it can lead to more speed (on the ball), but my ankle can’t protect it,” he said.

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