Joint: The United Kingdom is interested in triangular cooperation with Morocco and Africa

Moroccan-British cooperation is central to the exchanges between the two countries. In fact, Morocco and the United Kingdom reiterated the importance of defining the priorities of the post-Govt joint roadmap in line with the desired strategic partnership between the two countries.

During a video conference interview between Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans living abroad, Mr. Nasser Borita and Minister of State for the Middle East and North Africa at the UK Office of Foreign Affairs, Commonwealth and International Development. James wisely acknowledged the significance of the historic relations between Morocco and the United Kingdom, and reiterated the importance of defining the priorities of the post-Govt.

In this case, MM. The current bilateral agenda, which has been marked by a number of deadlines, has been warmly welcomed, especially by the implementation of the Brexit post-union agreement, the implementation of the Union Council and the programming of the 3rd Session of the Strategic Dialogue in London.

The two ministers stressed the importance of strengthening political dialogue and bilateral economic partnership, which opened the door to new innovative axes of cooperation and new value chains such as the green economy, especially in the context of the next COP26.

During this meeting, Mr. Wisely praised the majesty of his majestic King Mohammed VI, it is distinguished by its openness, progress and dynamism of modernity, while at the same time welcoming the new development model adopted by the Kingdom. Promotes advanced regionalization.

He paid tribute to Morocco as a pillar of regional stability and a privileged partner in Africa.

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In this regard, both parties acknowledged the importance of further promoting triangular cooperation with Africa, mainly in the economic and investment sectors.

They welcomed the coordination led by Morocco and the United Kingdom at the multilateral level and agreed to continue their dialogue on regional and international common interests, especially the situation in Libya and the Sahel.

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