Johnson & Johnson Vaccine: Screening for blood clots

The European Medicines Agency said on Friday it had launched a study on possible links between Johnson & Johnson’s COVID vaccine and blood clots, after four cases were reported, including one fatal.

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The Environmental Protection Agency indicated that its safety committee “launched a study” aimed “at assessing information about thromboembolic events” in relation to people who received the vaccine. The European Union has authorized this vaccine but has not started using it.

“After vaccination with the COVID-19 Janssen vaccine, four serious cases of abnormal clots associated with low platelet counts have been reported,” the agency said, quoting the name of the European branch of the American giant.

One case occurred during a clinical trial and three cases occurred during vaccination in the United States. The EMA added that one of them was a killer.

The European regulator has approved the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, and it will begin implementation in the European Union in April.

The announcement comes as the Amsterdam-based organization has studied cases of blood clots in people who received the AstraZeneca vaccine and admitted that they were indeed side effects.

Both vaccines use adenoviruses as a vector.

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