Johnson as former star speaker Bergo leaves Conservatives –

One parts ” xenophobic “ And a leader ” No “ : Former Speaker of the British House of Commons, John Pergo, launches violent attack on Prime Minister Boris Johnson, turning the Conservative Party over. Tired of his lies ”.

Under Johnson, the Conservative Party ” Reactionary, populist, nationalist and sometimes even racist. ” John Berkov, 58, ruled in an interview with The Observer newspaper.

Head of Government ” Gifted to the countryside, but no leader ” And ” More and more people are getting tired of lies and empty slogans. ”John Berkov continued, saying he had to leave.

The Conservative Party’s latest defeat against the Liberal Democrats in the most symbolic legislative referendum in central England, according to a former “announcer” Large numbers of people are frustrated and in some cases disgusted with what this government has done. ”.

John Berkov joined the Tories at the age of 17 and was a Conservative MP for 12 years before being elected Speaker of the lower house of parliament in 2009.

After stepping down from that post in October 2019, he announced on Sunday that he would join the ranks of the opposition Labor Party, which he hopes will overthrow the government.

« My decision was to change this government. The truth is, Labor is the only vehicle that can achieve this goal. There is no other reliable way ”, explique M. Bercow.

“Nothing personal”

When he was the “announcer,” he said, “Order! Launched by John Bergo for Rowdy Delegates, it delights internet users who have toured the world and discovered the British parliamentary debates.

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But his own conservative camp accused him of wanting to prevent Brexit by making favorable decisions for supporters of maintaining the UK in the EU.

Mr Berkov told Skynews on Sunday that Justice Minister Robert Buckland had responded to the distorted announcement that he was marching on Labor. He left the Conservative Party a long time ago ”.

Pergo’s opponents see changing his course as an act of revenge. Unusually, after his departure, the former “speaker” was not appointed to the House of Lords by his conservative camp, this elected upper house of the British Parliament, whose members are distinguished by their dress.

Conservative MP For his opponents, such as Andrew Bridgen, Mr Bergo is pursuing a strategy. ” Filthy “ To be appointed Lord by Labor.

« There is no barter or contract ” To get a place in the House of Lords, Mr. Skynews. He overthrew Bergo and confirmed his decision. ” Nothing personal against Boris Johnson ” But it is driven by a will. ” Equality, Social Justice and Internationalism ”.

On the Labor side, former Minister John McDonnell wanted him. ” Welcome “ In training, he insisted on being ” He earned our respect, especially for his fight to protect the rights of parliament. ”.

After he left Perch, Mr Berkov was accused of harassing his team to the point of harassment, which he denies. ” This is wrong “, Sunday Mr. Defended Pergo, without going into details by stating the reasons for the secrecy.

Nigel Farage, a pro-Brexit camp leader, mocked his political change on Twitter: ” Berkov supported the sabotage campaign for the rest of the camp in parliament and is now joining Labor. He loves sinking boats ”.

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