Johnny Hallyday is still the idol of Obgat (Korez) where a public place now bears his name

Objat’s idol is now named after him. Located within the perimeter of the rugby stadium, on the side of the municipal park, Espace Johnny-Hallyday opened on Saturday 24th September 2022, with a concert given by one of his likenesses, and to the sounds of big cars, those the singer loved in December 2017.

“He has always respected his commitments to Objat. This is our way of honoring him,” commented Philip Fedao, mayor of this city of 3,500 people, who personally went to Johnny Hallyday’s funeral.

Two services marked Objatoise Memory

His performance was marked by collective memory. His first concert was held on Sunday 30 July 2000, at the initiative of the Objat Societies. The city had to receive about 15,000 spectators, from about sixty departments, for an open-air concert.

The singer will do it again twelve years later, on July 28, 2012, with just over 10,000 people.

, again thanks to the Objat Associations. 650 volunteers worked beforehand and 480 on the evening of the concert.

The space bearing his name was also specially equipped to organize the first concert. A plaque was revealed there, prior to a show, on Saturday, September 24, 2022, presented by Ritchie, as the official look-alike of Johnny Hallyday.

An exhibition of vintage cars, a gathering of motorbikes, as well as several exhibitors completed this weekend of festivities, which could become a regular get-together.

“We will try to repeat this event every year,” confirms Philip Vidao, who counts on the assistance of the Harley-Davidson Limousine Club for this.

Soon Johnny-Hallyday’s place in Obgat? (September 2020)

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Eric Dor

In 2003, Johnny Hallyday also played in Irene, in front of more than 25,000 people, at the initiative of Bernadette Chirac. in Tolle, on August 15, 1996, at Alexander Coyle Stadium; On February 5, 1988, at the Brive Exhibition Center.

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