John Boyega leaving Rebel Ridge Mid-Shoot de Netflix

John Boyega has pulled out of the new Netflix movie Rebel logo After a month of filming. According to the deadline, the star Wars The actor left the film “for family reasons” without any warning, leaving the broadcasting giant with a difficult decision on who to replace him. Production, which was temporarily on hold, began May 5 in Louisiana, but the departure of one of the lead actors plunged the film into chaos.

statement from Netflix The speaker said: Rebel logo Pauses as we seek to recast John Boyega who had to leave the project for family reasons. We remain committed to Jeremy Saulnier’s exceptional film and look forward to resuming production. We look forward to continuing our partnership with John Boyega’s UpperRoom Productions, as well as our upcoming film. They cloned Tyrone in which he also plays. “

It is very unusual for an actor to leave a leading role during production, especially when there does not seem to be any discontent, and it can only be assumed that everything that happened in his private life is serious enough John Boyega He dropped the movie completely that way. We obviously hope he’ll be able to face the situation and convey our best wishes for what he’s going through.

Rebel logo It was originally scheduled to be completed, with an initial filming schedule set for April 2020 until it was delayed by Covid19 along with several other productions around the world. At the moment, the plot of the film is unknown, with a lot of secrecy surrounding the script. The main premise is known to focus on systemic American injustice using action sequences, black humor, and suspense. There’s not much to do, but we’d obviously be hugely intrigued by anything that tries to keep details of it under wraps.

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The film stars AnnaSofia Robb, Emory Cohen, Don Johnson, James Cromwell, James Badge Dale, Xsan J, and Al Vicente. The question of who will take on the roles of Boyega is one that will be seriously considered now. Depending on its exact purpose and role in the film’s plot, there may be a few actors currently available to take over because many of the late filming has just begun.

Rebel logo It will likely hit Netflix in early 2022, but we’ll just have to wait and see if that’s the case now. Director and writer Jeremy Saulnier is directing the film, his fifth round in the director’s chair, and based on his previous films, there are high expectations behind. Two of his previous films, blue ruin from 2013 and green room As of 2015, it has an impressive approval ratings of 96% and 90% respectively on Rotten Tomatoes, and its most recent effort, keep darkwhich was released on Netflix in 2018, also received generally positive reviews.

John Boyega starts starring with Jamie Foxx and Tayona Paris on Netflix They cloned Tyrone, which ended filming in March and is scheduled to be released later this year on the platform. This news comes to us from Deadline.

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