Joe Biden’s surprising campaign clip hijacks his opponent’s speech

Joe Biden’s communications team used parts of Republican Marjorie Taylor Green’s speech to praise the president’s accomplishments and campaign for a second term.

The campaign was well and truly launched in America. And all the scenarios seem to be allowed. In a clip posted on social networks by Joe Biden on Tuesday, Republican Marjorie Taylor Green is heard weaving praises for the 2024 re-election candidate for the US president.

“Joe Biden has made huge public investments in social infrastructure and environmental projects”, exclaims the representative of Georgia before listing the areas invested by the head of state: “education, medical care, urban issues” or “rural poverty”.

“I approve of this message” (I approve of this message), comments Joe Biden in the video’s title.

“This is what Joe Biden actually approves of”

Would Marjorie Taylor-Green, a Trumpist confidant and constant target of criticism for her conspiracy theories, turn in her jacket? No, it’s actually a compilation prepared by Joe Biden’s communications team from excerpts from select Republican speeches.

The man in question responded on the same social network by replying with an extract — long and uncut — from a speech he gave Sunday at the Turning Point Action conference organized by the Young Conservatives Association in Florida.

In particular, he attacked Joe Biden’s economic record, explaining that Americans are “32 trillion dollars in debt, homeless and inflation is at a 40-year high.” “This is what Joe Biden really stands for,” he wrote in his tweet.

Trump’s voice was modeled using AI

As an Aug. 23 debate between the Republican primary candidates approaches, campaigning is fierce within the Republican camp, torn between supporters of Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis.

On Tuesday, the current Florida governor’s Never Back Down advocacy group sparked controversy by using In an advertisement Donald Trump’s fake voice created by artificial intelligence.

Key ingredients

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