Joe Biden vows to fight ‘radical and dangerous Republican agenda’

A year ago, the US Supreme Court overturned its Roe v. Wade granted abortion rights to American women throughout the territory in 1973. Twenty states have banned or restricted the right to an abortion. At this year’s ceremony, the US president pledged that his administration would continue to “protect” women’s health.

A year after the Supreme Court overturned abortion rights, US President Joe Biden vowed on Saturday to fight back against the “radical and dangerous agenda of Republicans”.

On June 24, 2022, the Supreme Court, significantly reshuffled by former President Donald Trump who appointed three conservative justices, handed down its Roe v. Wade granted abortion rights to American women throughout the territory in 1973.

Since then, states have regained their freedom to legislate, and about two dozen of them have subsequently enacted bans or significant restrictions on access to abortion.

“Protect” women’s health

“State-level bans are a start. Congressional Republicans want to ban abortion nationwide,” Joe Biden said in a statement released Saturday on the anniversary of the justice’s decision.

The Democrat has again vowed that her administration will ‘protect’ women’s health and call on Congress to restore the constitutional right to abortion, although the two chambers are unlikely to succeed if they are divided between Democrats and Republicans.

The abortion issue is tearing American society apart and could play a major role in the upcoming US presidential election.

Several demonstrations and events organized by both pro- and anti-abortion protesters are planned across the United States for Saturday.

A major rally of the evangelical and conservative “Faith and Freedom” movement, which has made the ban on abortion one of its main struggles, is taking place in the central capital, which Donald Trump is scheduled to attend on Saturday.

Key ingredients

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