Joe Biden offers historic social developments

Joe Biden unveiled the main lines of his plan in support of American families before Congress on Wednesday, April 28th. The President of the United States wants to capture his country’s backwardness in health and education. Its plans represent $ 1 trillion (செல 824 billion) in new spending and $ 800 billion in tax debt.

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The program is automatically revolutionary because it involves the generalization of nursery schools in particular – a moment limited only to the most privileged – creating a federal program of twelve weeks sick leave, two years spent free of charge in schools. Local Universities (Community colleges) Without testing, without assistance to university students Historical blacks (Historically black colleges and universities). These plans include new federal spending to combat poverty.

“When this country globalized twelve years of public education in the last century, it made us the best educated and best prepared nation in the world. But the latter was caught, he did not expect us. Twelve years today is not enough to compete in XXIe Century “, And promised Joe Biden.

Tax change

In line with his campaign promises, Joe Biden refused to create the global health care system recommended by Vermont Bernie Sanders’ independent senator, but promised to expand the benefits of the system created by former President Barack Obama (“Obama Care”). The latter became popular after a controversial start that lost the Democrats in the midterm elections in both 2010 and 2014. “It’s a simple principle: health care should be a right, not a privilege in the United States.” Promised the president on Wednesday.

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Following a plan to raise the corporate tax rate from 21% to 28% to finance a broader investment in infrastructure and better support for the elderly and the disabled ($ 2.3 trillion in total), the Democrats are now proposing an increase in the taxation of the rich to free up the funds needed for the measures provided on Wednesday.

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This tax change has so far met with strong support from public opinion. A Reuters poll by 2020 showed that 64% of those questioned were in favor. “The rich set aside an additional portion of their total wealth each year in support of public projects.” While support among Democrats (77%) was strong, the majority of Republicans (53%) were in favor.

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