Joe Biden mocks his age at reporters’ party

With our correspondent in New York, Laubna Anagi

In the evening, which is usually placed under the sign of humor, Joe Biden He began his speech with the questions Very serious “. He mentioned the fate of the journalist Wall Street Journal, Ivan Gershkovich, are still being held in Russia, and all Americans are being held abroad. “ I promise I will do everything to bring them home “, he declared.

In front of hundreds of journalists, the US president, his own re-election candidate, took on one of the key messages of his campaign: the defense of democracy. ” A poison runs through our democracy and even the radical media. Truth is drowned in lies. And lies are presented as truths. »

They say I am great, I say I am wise »

Joe Biden tried his hand at the traditional exercise in comedy, attacking his Republican opponents Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis and Marjorie Taylor Green a few times.

With a note of self-mockery, he also addressed the question of his age: I understand that my age is a problem. Everyone thinks about it. And by everyone, I mean The New York Times. They say I’m old… I say I’m experienced. They say I am great, I say I am wise. Unsurprisingly, Joe Biden’s age earned him jokes from the dinner’s special guest, comedian Roy Wood Jr.

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