Joe Biden insists on restoring his country’s supply chains

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Employees of US ports and major transportation and distribution companies work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Joe Biden made the announcement on Wednesday, October 13th. The goal is to prevent ports damaged by the Govt-19 epidemic and restore supply chains.

With our correspondent in Washington, Guilloma Noutin

The picture is impressive. The port of Los Angeles is overflowing with cargo, while dozens of giant container ships are waiting to be unloaded at sea.

According to the US President, this is proof that supply chains need to be reconsidered beyond the need to continue to work as most competitors in the United States deliver products. Joe Biden: ” We no longer have to depend on a company, a country or a person in the world. Especially when these countries do not share our environmental or labor needs. “

China is still being targeted

Again, target China. But the concern is not just for Americans. Visiting Washington for public meetings of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank, French Economy and Finance Minister Bruno Le Meire shares these concerns: He has a solution: Freedom. Freedom is what the President wanted to create with the 2030 investment plan, so we have more freedom in energy, more freedom in nuclear matters, more freedom in semiconductors, so we are less dependent. ”

Joe Biden said nothing else. He seizes the opportunity to persuade her to accept his grand investment plan, which is blocked by disagreements among elected officials of his own party.

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