Joe Biden, a president who has been racking up defeats since his victory

Two and a half months after his election, the Democratic president inherited an unenviable position by finally reaching 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue on January 20, 2021. First, a few days before, a rebellion threatened the foundations of American democracy.

After that, he must have spent a great deal of time defeating the laws and regulations imposed by his predecessor Donald Trump: banning Muslim travelers on American soil, the wall on the Mexican border, sweeping Obama, closing doors in the Paris and World Health Organization accords, scrapping the Iran nuclear deal and more. Controversial issues.

Finally, with the outbreak of the pandemic, the economy was in shambles. The weather was bleak…

Get a lot done very quickly

There is an unwritten law, as powerful as gravity: in the first year in office, bosses try to get a lot done in record time.

In the case of Joe Biden, he would have adopted a plan to rescue the $1,900 billion economy (the American bailout) that made it possible, among other things, to provide furniture to workers hard hit by the pandemic.

The vaccination campaign, which had been stagnant under Donald Trump, has progressed rapidly. Joe Biden spoke of a 70% vaccination rate for July 4, US Independence Day, and maybe more.

But the emergence of continued resistance to vaccination and health measures within a large portion of the Republican electorate, maintained by elected Republican officials, has slowed this momentum. Despite everything, Biden’s team made it possible in the country today to vaccinate 80% of Americans with the first dose and 70% of the double vaccination.

responsible for everything

But when you are a head of state, you are also responsible for what goes wrong. And so he inherited the chaos in Afghanistan, the fourth pandemic wave, high inflation, high gasoline prices, labor shortages and supply chains.

As a result, Joe Biden’s popularity continues to decline today. Only 42% of Americans are happy with their president. It is not the worst result of its kind in history. After all, Donald Trump maintains a dismal record of only 37% satisfaction. But a little consolation, as Joe Biden has the second worst number.

But seven out of 10 Americans surveyed think the country is headed in the wrong direction. Unsurprisingly, this dissatisfaction rate jumps to 93% among Republicans. But in places that don’t smell good to a White House tenant, 70% of independent voters are disappointed, too.

Among Democrats, that number is currently 48%. This constitutes a serious red flag one year before the midterm elections.

The inevitable decline in popularity

If we look at the sometimes transformative political agendas of some American presidents, it is clear that their major accomplishments have not necessarily contributed to popular support from voters.

When Lyndon Johnson passed his law great community With his civil rights, he received a severe correction in the midterm elections (47 fewer seats in the House of Representatives and 4 fewer seats in the Senate).

Even Ronald Reagan, with his conservative revolution of 1980, lost feathers.

And what about Barack Obama with the Obamacare program for health care? Voters gave him one of the worst political slaps in history as he lost 63 seats in the House of Representatives and 6 fewer seats in the Senate.

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Therefore, it is practically impossible to gain popularity in the first year of the term, regardless of whether the political agenda is ambitious or not.

Gift Draw yourself in the corner

But what’s holding the shoe in is that Democrats’ credibility problems come primarily from the way they manage their political files. Because they really have a knack for setting deadlines that are almost impossible to meet.

Important elections for governor of Virginia in early November? Hurry up, get the $1.5 trillion infrastructure investment bill to give the Democratic candidate a boost!

Joe Biden and Virginia Democratic candidate for governor Terry McAuliffe at a campaign event.

President Biden will campaign in Virginia in an effort to save the governor in the hands of Democrats.

Photo: Getty Images/Win McNamee

COP26 summit in the UK? And quickly, the massive 1,750 billion (half of what was initially planned) hundreds of billions bill to combat climate change should succeed in filling the votes in the House and Senate.

However, neither has materialized so far, Biden has been unable to bring together all of his Democratic forces torn between progressives and moderates. Even if these two massive envelopes are likely to be released soon, the damage is done to public opinion.

Virginia moved to the Republicans last night. What will be the first for 12 years in this state purple. Should we see real punishment against Joe Biden’s policies? It’s hard to say and still too early to say, but it’s certainly not a good sign when it comes to mobilizing Democrats.

Promises, promises always

Because these potentially too ambitious deadlines cannot be met, the voter gets the impression that those Democrats who control the White House, the Senate, and the House of Representatives, even with a very narrow majority, are unable to achieve anything.

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Where are the promises being kept in terms of improved access to health care and childcare services, climate policies, police reforms, protection of the right to vote, and immigration reforms?

Joe Biden talking with Nancy Pelosi.

The pressure to advance Democrats’ urgent issues comes, among other things, from the leadership of Nancy Pelosi in the House, walking to the right of President Joe Biden.

Photo: Getty Images / Samuel Corum

not inevitable

Does this mean that the fate of Joe Biden is in stone? Just two years with a swing majority and one term not renewed in 2024, due to a lack of support? not necessarily. Reagan, Clinton, and Obama were re-elected after suffering setbacks along the way.

Is there still time for Joe Biden to raise the bar? In the future I will tell. We know that the Republicans, whose enormous competence in waging electoral and political wars no longer needs to be proven, will do no favors. So everything will depend on the attitude of the Democrats towards themselves. The ball is in their court, but time is running out.

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