Jobs in the French Air Force and Space: 3,000 jobs were offered this year

The Air and Space Army will join the digital platform to connect students and professionals developed by My Job Glasses. This will make it possible to exchange directly with the pilots who have become “ambassadors”, volunteers to share their experiences and make people discover their jobs.

Of the more than 400 orders from the pilots, 50 are specialists They are selected to answer questions from young people eager to learn more about the military, meet pilots directly and discover through their connection the various major careers of the Air Force and Air Force. The space.

Through this partnership, the Air and Space Army would like to shed light on, Out of 100,000 students registered with My Job Glasses (, many job opportunities are available within the pilot community. All this while maintaining a direct dialogue with young people in search of a career full of meaning and commitment.

This new initiative is part of the “Come and Be” recruitment campaign, launched in January 2020, which aims to recruit more than 10,500 young people in 3 years. An opportunity to join a community, offering over 50 accessible careers up to the age of 30 in 13 different and rewarding fields of activity.

3000 vacancies in 2021, the list of opportunities is available here:

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