JIM.fr – Live July 11: Olivier Veran expected 20,000 cases per day at the beginning of August

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5 p.m. – Olivier Veran expects 20,000 cases per day at the beginning of August

Health Minister Olivier Veran warned in an interview with Radio J.The epidemic resumes in the middle of summer. It starts again from the youth. The same will happen as it did last summer: young people will get smaller infections and hospital pressure will rise. We diagnose about 3,000 new diagnoses every day. But with this delta variant, we could have more than 20,000 cases in early August“.

3:00 pm – Bernard Kouchner calls for compulsory vaccination for all

After the academies of medicine and pharmacology, it was the turn of the former Minister of Health, Bernard Kouchner, yesterday, to demand the compulsory vaccination of the entire population in a column published by the Journal du Dimanche. he is writing : “Vaccination is not a personal matter. To refuse it is treason. We need a law (…) We need to get out of this masculine glory of not vaccinatingIt is also believed that annual vaccination should be prepared.

10 a.m. – Simultaneous pollution of two different kinds: an underestimated hypothesis?

A Belgian team has reported a seemingly unprecedented case of an unborn person who died in March of Covid-19 after simultaneously contracting two variants, alpha (British) and beta (South African), a phenomenon undoubtedly “underestimated”. As the researchers say.

9 a.m. – He called on the Tunisian diaspora to work for Tunisian hospitals

On Sunday, the Tunisian government launched an appeal to the Tunisian community in France to contribute donations to support the collapsed Tunisian health system under the influence of Covid. “The Embassy of Tunisia in France urges Tunisians residing in France (…) to actively contribute to the support of health institutions in Tunisia through donations in kind – medical and paramedical equipment and materials – or in the form of money,” he points out, adding on its Facebook page the embassy a list of the missing equipment.

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8 am – France: Less than 1,000 people in intensive care for Covid

According to the latest data published by Public Health France, the Covid situation in France is as follows:

– 5,808,383 cases identified since March 1, 2020 (24,729 in one week vs. 15,211 in the previous week, 4,696 yesterday)
– 7,183 people were hospitalized with Covid (729 in one week, – 1,112 in the previous week, 101 admitted yesterday)
– 947 people were hospitalized in intensive care for Covid (- 155 people in one week vs. – 247 in the previous week, 9 people were admitted yesterday)

– 111,350 deaths since March 1, 2020 (169 in one week vs. 201 in the previous week, 19 yesterday)

7 AM – Update around the world

According to data from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, there have been 186,604,279 cases of Covid-19 reported worldwide (versus 183,474,151 on July 4) and 4,027,559 deaths associated with the disease (versus 3, 971,184 on July 4th). The three countries that identified and reported the most cases are the United States (33849,107 vs. 33713912 on July 4), India (30837222 vs. 30.545433 on July 4) and Brazil (19069.003 vs. 18742,025 on July 4). Les trois pays les plus endeuillés en valeur absolue sont les États-Unis (607 135 vs 605 493 morts le 4 juillet), le Brésil (532 893 vs 523 587 le 4 juillet) et l’Inde (408 040 vs 402 005 le 4 July).

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