Jill Biden apologizes for comparing Hispanics to tacos

US First Lady Jill Biden apologized Tuesday after using a clumsy phrase comparing Hispanics to tacos.

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“The first lady apologizes, her words only express her sincere admiration and love for the Latino community,” tweeted first lady spokesperson Michael Larosa.

In a speech Monday in Texas, the US president’s wife praised the “diversity” of the Hispanic American population, “as different as the Bodegas Bronx, the beauty of Miami flowers, and as unique as the tacos from breakfast in San Antonio.”

In addition to the comparison to tacos – the small corn fritters typical of Mexican cuisine – which immediately caused people to be confused, Ms. Biden misspelled the word “bodgas.”

“We are not tacos,” the Washington-based National Association of Hispanic Journalists responded. “Don’t limit us to stereotypes.”

Many conservative lawmakers have criticized Biden, saying that the progressive media would have been unruly had such a gaffe come from the Republican camp.

Arizona Representative Andy Bigs commented, “No wonder Hispanics are running away from the Democratic Party!”

Jill Biden’s trip to Texas was aimed at wooing Hispanic voters, a traditionally important component of Democratic voting.

But in one year, Joe Biden’s approval rating has dropped from 55% to 26% among Hispanic voters, according to a recent Quinnipiac poll.

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