Jérémy Quirion wins top honors at Philadelphia dance competition

Country Dance. In his first country dance competition entry, Jérémy Quirion was successful. The 21-year-old Coaticookois has already won gold in all the categories he was scored in during the Philly Fall Fest.

This regional stage of the United Country Western Dance Council (UCWDC) took place October 27-30 in Philadelphia. “I won gold there in the Nightclub, Cha Cha, Two Step, Waltz and West Coast Swing categories,” he says with great pride. For the duo’s different sections, he shared the dance floor with his friend Sylvie Raymond.

Fans of this country dance have always wanted to try this discipline in competition. “It was an experience in Philadelphia. I wanted to see if I was going to like it at this level. Finally, I flipped. It’s really big in the States. That’s what I liked. I would have stayed there longer to learn more.”

So the Philly Fall Fest competition will be Jeremy Kerrion’s first, but certainly not the last. “I want to climb the levels. So I think I will be doing competitions more regularly in 2023. I also targeted one in March, in Atlanta. The person who trained under Mark Davidson and Sylvie Raymond, whom we can see on TV, says at Révolution, “I see that as my early career in this arena.”

teacher for 5 years
Jeremy Kerrion has also been a country dance coach with the Winslow Dancers for five years now. “I find it very rewarding to share my passion with other people,” explains the man who introduced this system to many of his classmates during his time at Frontalier High School.

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He would also like to participate in making this specialty more popular. “It really is for everyone. And it shows in all the courses we offer. We don’t necessarily train people to compete. Some just want to have fun. And seeing someone leave the session with a smile is really fun.”

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