January 6, 2021 events | A year after the attack on Capitol Hill, Trump is everywhere

(Washington) Republicans with their silence, Biden with his attacks… The first anniversary of the attack on Capitol Hill afforded Donald Trump more political space, more than ever at the heart of the American political equation.

Camille Camdessus
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Joe Biden surprised by announcing the attack that took place a year ago on the US Congress. He who usually evokes his predecessor only through camel deflections, or nicknames such as “The Other Kind” or “The Man Before,” spared no blow against his opponent, whose supporters invaded the temple of American democracy on January 6, 2021.

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The 79-year-old Democrat has filed a charge against his predecessor, who “created and spread a web of lies around the 2020 election, he did so because he preferred strength over principle”, and because his “wounded egos matter more to him than our democracy.”

The Democrat said Donald Trump created a “network of lies” and “tried to prevent the peaceful transfer of power.” But through his attacks, Joe Biden also offered his rival the opportunity to return to the political arena.

Without delay, the former president put on gloves, and retaliated with press releases.

The first to denounce the “political theater” is Biden’s speech, which aims to forget his “failures”. “Everything he touches turns out to be a failure,” he repeats in a second, a few minutes apart.


Donald Trump addresses supporters in Washington before the attack on Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021. The former president canceled a scheduled press conference commemorating this historic achievement of his presidency, but reacted angrily to President Joe Biden’s attacks.

With a third, it drives home the point: “Never forget the crime that was the 2020 presidential election. Never give up!”

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Donald Trump has so far been forced to forgo holding a press conference on Thursday, and appears to have resigned to back down from that day of celebration.


Representatives Matt Gates and Marjorie Taylor, allies of former President Trump, arrive at a news conference Thursday, Jan. 6, 2022, on Capitol Hill. They blamed Democrats, Capitol Police and the federal government for the January 6, 2021 attack.

On the contrary, the violent clash of the seventies made one sometimes think of the 2020 campaign. So setting the scene for 2024?

Republican silence

Everything seems possible.

Due to the stormy billionaire’s diatribes, Republicans – almost unanimous in condemning the actions of pro-Trump protesters a year ago – are opposed to the alarming silence.

The rare Republicans who break a press release, like Senator Lindsday Graham, do so to go in the direction of Donald Trump, once again a sign of the former president’s control of his party, more than a year after his defeat in November. 2020 elections

“If the Biden presidency is in free fall a year after January 6th, it is not because of the attack on the Capitol, but because of her failed policies and poor leadership,” he accuses — he does.

According to the South Carolina Senator, Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are trying to turn the attack on Capitol Hill into a political affair.

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell also accused fellow Democrats of “using the anniversary to promote partisan political goals.” After his absence from the ceremony, he left Washington to attend a funeral in the south of the country.

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deserted lanes

The only discordant voices among Republicans: Liz Cheney, the elected opponent of Donald Trump, and her father, Dick Cheney, the former vice president of George W. Bush.


No Republican senator participated in a minute’s silence. In the other chamber of Congress, the House of Representatives, only two prominent conservatives, former Vice President Dick Cheney and his daughter Liz Cheney, appeared in an open feud with Donald Trump. See them above at the end of the session.

The two were present during a minute of silence to mourn the policemen who died as a result of the attack.

Liz Cheney is one of two elected Republican officials who have agreed to participate in the Parliamentary Inquiry Committee seeking to shed light on responsibilities in the events of January 6, 2021.

Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, more than half of party voters still believe the 2020 presidential election was stolen from Donald Trump.

So on this Memorial Day, Republicans deserted the corridors of the Capitol.

Toxic bile

Not a Republican in the Senate, where just hours after Joe Biden’s speech, Democratic leader Chuck Schumer accused Donald Trump of “continuing today to shed his poisonous juice.”

The only two elected officials who will break the Republican silence on Capitol Hill are from the most pro-Trump sides of the party.

“We will reveal the truth on January 6,” Marjorie Taylor Green promised at a press conference with her colleague Matt Gaetz.

Like Donald Trump, the sulphur-elected woman saw one of her accounts banned from Twitter, and like the former president, embraces the “stolen election” theory.

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