James Webb Telescope: Follow the final step of its primary mirror deployment live

NASA will broadcast the live broadcast of the last wing of the James Webb Telescope’s primary mirror. You can follow him on his website or on YouTube.

After years of waitingWe’re almost done. james webb telescope, launched into space on December 25thSince then, I’ve been putting it up. after heat shield And secondary mirror, which are now in place, it is the turn of the basic mirror wings to be deployed.

Occasionally, NASA will organize a live broadcast to follow the opening of the mirror live. ” Here’s what you’ve all been waiting for: The James Webb Space Telescope will soon open its primary mirror wings! “,” The space agency wrote on Twitter. The first wing deployment began on January 7. It is the second and final wing deployment that will follow directly. « Don’t miss out on sharing! Watch our live coverage of the latest Essential Mirror Suite post on social media and NASA TV The live broadcast will begin at 2 PM UTC, Or 3pm French time.

Watch the live broadcast of the primary mirror

You can follow the live broadcast directly from NASA website, but also on YouTube, thanks to the video below.

Deploying James Webb’s main mirror is a critical step for the telescope. This is the final stage of the detection process, after which the JWST can finally start preparing for operations. Once it is fully operational, James Webb will be able to start his mission : Detecting the light of the first galaxies and studying the formation and evolution of galaxies.

« James Webb will explore all stages of the history of the universe “,” NASA locates, « Whether it’s from within the solar system to the most distant galaxies and everything in between. The telescope will make unexpected discoveries and help us better understand the origin of the universe and our place in it ».

James Webb’s Primary Mirror // Source: NASA / Chris Jenn

A mission of paramount importance, for which James Webb is especially well equipped. The primary mirror he is due to publish this afternoon is the largest ever launched into space – so large that it had to be folded to fit the rocket. This is why it must be revealed now, and why this step is so important.

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Primary mirror when installed on the vessel.  // Source: Northrop Grumman via Flickr (cropped image)

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