James Bond returns to save the world…and cinema

London, United Kingdom | Celebrity and red carpet, new James Bond, “Die Can Wait”, finally hits the big screen, during Tuesday night’s preview in London, and this time 007 on a mission not only to save the world, but also movie theaters, is tested by confinement.

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This is the last time Briton Daniel Craig, 53, has worn the tuxedo of Her Majesty’s most famous agent – and the name of his successor remains a mystery. For this ultimate adventure, he didn’t deliver.

Chases, explosions, shootings… The trailer refers to an intense episode, rich in stunts and gadgets, in the pure tradition of 007.

With a year and a half delayed due to the pandemic, this two-hour, 43-minute film (the longest James Bond movie) was revealed at its world premiere at the Royal Albert Hall, before being released in British cinemas on Thursday, then October 6 in France.

‘Relieved,’ that James Bond is ‘made for the cinema’, Daniel Craig confirmed to Sky News he ‘has no really any memory’ of 15 years in the secret agent’s skin. And she rocked in a fuchsia tuxedo: “He’s out this week, go see him!” “

On the red carpet, producers Michael J Wilson and Barbara Broccoli and director Cary Joji Fukunaga (“Beasts of No Nation” and “True Detective”) meet actors Daniel Craig, Rami Malek and Lea Seydoux, as well as singer Billie Eilish who stars in the film’s official song titled “No time to die.”

Alongside these stars, Princes Charles and William and their wives, their caretakers have been invited to discover the film at the prestigious Performance Hall in honor of their work during the pandemic.

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The 25th episode of The Adventures of Secret Agent was initially scheduled to premiere in March 2020 eagerly by fans, but also by movie operators looking to fill their theaters.

Which caliphate?

The previous part of the adventures of James Bond, “Spectre”, which was released at the end of 2015, brought more than 880 million dollars worldwide, according to the specialized press.

After this film, Daniel Craig announced that he would rather “cut his veins” than play James Bond again. before finally stacking.

Who will take responsibility? The mystery remains, but producer Barbara Broccoli felt the character must continue to be interpreted by a man, a topic that divides.

“Women are so underrepresented” in cinema laments Alana McGill, a philosophy student who was met by AFP on the streets of London. According to her, “there should be more space for women and people of color in Hollywood.”

For Derek Thompson, on the other hand, “it can’t be a woman.” “It’s a very symbolic, very masculine role,” the 62-year-old estimates.

In response to criticism of the sexism of some works in the franchise, actress and screenwriter Phoebe Waller-Bridge (“Fleabag”) was invited to improve the image of women in “Die Can Wait.”

“injured animal”

In this final film of Craig’s era, the character invented by writer Ian Fleming has left his Secret Service activities and is enjoying a well-deserved rest in Jamaica.

The calm is interrupted when his old friend from the CIA, Felix Leiter, comes to ask him for help to save a scientist who has just been kidnapped.

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Back in action, the famous secret agent must work with a new colleague and “Disarm,” played by Lashana Lynch. On the red carpet, the Briton considered it “incredible” that he played this role, “the stars were aligned.”

Before them is a mysterious enemy armed with high-tech weapons, played by American Rami Malek, the 2019 Best Actor Oscar for his interpretation of singer Freddie Mercury.

The Bond conquest since “Spectre”, psychologist Madeleine Swan, interpreted by French Léa Seydoux, seems to have things to hide.

In this adaptation, filmed mainly in Italy and Jamaica, 007 is “a kind of wounded animal struggling with its past as a secret agent,” as director Cary Joji Fukunaga described last year.

According to the director, this is a “race” for James Bond, “not only to save the world, but for those he loves.”

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