ITsART: “Netflix of Italian Culture” edition

While the news of a digital device focused on cultural entertainment has been looming for a year already, it is now an official announcement: a platform for the flow of Italian culture it’s art It was launched on May 31.

While Italy was thinking of new ways to share and open up Italian culture to the world at large, it was the announcement of the creation of the platform, last spring at the time of the first containment linked to Covid-19, that delighted those involved. And as if the Ministry of Culture was maintaining the tradition of virtual participation, it said: “The inventory has shown the great creativity of artists who are trying to maintain contact with the public through online means, demonstrating the huge potential of digital presentation which, of course, should not be an alternative but It should integrate the view of the scene.”

Done: The new platform called ITsART was launched on the last day of May, while Italy has been eagerly awaiting its launch since spring 2020. This ambitious project has been renamed “Netflix of Italian Culture”, due to its similar interface to the American giant and the unifying principle The principle of being able to access global audiovisual content from the comfort of your living room. However, this is what makes a big difference in this specific case: ITsART aims to facilitate access to Italian culture, and thus to art, music, dance, theater and other disciplines.

ITsART عروض Offers

Offering extensive content to Internet users (free or paid), the platform has no less than 700 programs from the first weeks of its launch. It also offers a live or on-demand performance, among which we can cite concerts, orchestral rehearsals, dance performances or live performances. But that’s not all, because ITsART also wants to provide public content directly from the most important Italian cultural institutions, in particular archaeological sites, academies, theaters and even museums. Thus, the platform offers “a wide range of films and documentaries thanks to cooperation with major film production companies” (according to the official website).

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The person Dario Franceschini himself called “Netflix of Culture” was given €10 million to create it, as part of the decree known to revive the nation in the wake of the coronavirus health crisis. Thus, this virtual stage provides privileged access to Italian culture, all over the world: the platform has just been launched in Italy and the UK, but will later be accessed from many other countries. Divided into three sections (theater, venues, and history), ITsART offers cultural projects and productions with “enormous potential” (according to the Ministry of Culture), as well as access to music, opera, theater and film tours and a virtual museum.

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