It’s the end of “French Netflix,” it seems

Somersaultthe French streaming platform launched by TF1, France Télévisions and M6 groups in October 2020, may soon fold.

Without being able to compete with international competitors and giants, Salto has carved out a small niche for itself in the French broadcasting scene (well, that’s what we thought). With just a few titles in his catalog to catch the attention of the most curious (Series small hubAnd Chucky, Fargo, Parks and RecreationAnd They were ten where phenomenon Yellowstone For example) and the support of a large portion of digital terrestrial TV channels, there was little hope of it booming (but in fact no).

Only after more than two years of existence the platform is on the brink of extinction. to me puremediaFriday, January 20 The president of France Télévisions, Delphine Ernout, will issue an order to cease activities and dissolve the company.

“To the trash Salto!”

resolution In reaction to an unsuccessful agreement between a trio of shareholders and a potential buyeraccording to the Spanish company Agile enlightened, when the capture of Salto would have prompted this decision. condition that would cause Two possible scenarios. The first would allow the service to recover part of its €85.6m debt (with a turnover of €17.1m) by way of regulation. solution with the transfer of its assets. The hope of it being picked up by a third party is a viable solution, and both Amazon and Canal+ have expressed interest in taking it over in November 2022 (although they’re both busy now, one through a partnership with Warner Bros Discovery and the other through an acquisition). from OCS).

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As for the second track, it is The pure and simple end of the SVoD platform. An end that will happen if no one inherits the content and 800,000 subscribers. It must be said that Salto was always in the hot seat and it didn’t help that the TF1 and M6 didn’t merge. Had this been completed, France Télévisions would have suspended its participation for €45 million. So who knows what will happen to the service.

The answer must soon arrive, but to always urge the thought of the disastrous outcome, Its employees packed up from their workplacesso this does not bode well.

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