“Its place in a museum!”

Part three (and better?) Part of the saga of the most famous archaeologist in cinema, Junior “Indiana Jones,” Spielberg’s “The Last Crusade” is a hilarious and exciting Tintin-style adventure, with royal sharing as a reward. Sean Connery. Available on Netflix, awaiting the fifth installment in 2022 …

Our review of “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”

The father of Indiana Jones, from the Middle Ages respected as much as he is a fool, mysteriously disappears in Venice, while on the path to the Holy Grail. His adventurous son begins to find him … Forty years after his birth, we savor the adventure of Indiana Jones as we reread Tintin’s old, worn-out album, Horny: With Sound Pleasure. Steven Spielberg’s saga defies all fatigue, as it offers an innovative, funny and exciting gameplay, full of traps and surprises, as much as it is a spectacle: plunge into this Venetian crypt, decipher the mystery of Grail Knights, and use all your cunning Get out of this Nazi-infested Bavarian castle …

In short, there are a lot of feats for which you are the hero. “I always think about the audienceSteven Spielberg explained, “I am the audience. It’s almost as if the movie I was directing had the audience as the director.Here, the spectator-player had a new, particularly fun pawn: Mr. Jones Sr., translated with elegance and malice by Sean Connery. A double, an overwhelming role model, and even a love rivalry for her son. With Harrison Ford, he plunges into the irresistible Oedipal ping-pong: How to kill the father while you save him, the unfortunate, reprehensible and greedy Indy wonders like a 10-year-old. Spielberg is maliciously proud of himself in psychoanalysis, where humor and happiness shatter a taboo in the land of legendary adventurers: there is no family and they never have relationships. It’s funny and new: Who could imagine Tintin “scolded” his father? Delight. – Cecil Morey

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