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2022 is the hottest year on record for England, which has experienced several record heatwaves this summer, the Met Office, the British weather service, noted last Wednesday.

The average temperature for the year will be known in January, but it will be higher than the previous record of 2014 (9.88 degrees Celsius), according to provisional data, the organization said in a press release.

Each of the four seasons this year was among the ten warmest on record since the national record was set in 1884, according to the Met Office, based on its provisional data, which is regularized as the year goes by.

The year 2022 began with the first record temperature on January 1, when London recorded more than 16 degrees, the Met Office recalls, and every month of the year – except December – has since had an average temperature above normal. the season

Temperatures topped 40 degrees for the first time in the UK in July, the driest month on record in many parts of southern and eastern England.

In addition to the record temperatures, the year is particularly dry, with below-average rainfall, the Met Office points out.

The UK has had its ten hottest years on record since 2003. (with MAP)

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