Italy has the support of the new government to organize Euro 2032

ROME – The newly elected Italian government’s new sports minister has signed a letter of support for the national football federation’s bid to host Euro 2032.

Andrea Abboudi’s signed letter will be included in the initial offer package that will be sent to UEFA next week. Such government support is necessary to try to move the process forward.

Complete applications must be submitted next March. UEFA will select the successful bid in September 2023, along with the 2028 tournament host.

Italy presented the European Championships in 1968 and 1980, as well as offering four matches in the 2020 edition. The last major tournament to be presented entirely in Italy was the 1990 World Cup. Many stadiums in the country have not been renovated in over 20 years.

For the 2028 edition, the UK and Ireland have submitted a joint application, while Turkey is a candidate for one of the two editions awarded next year. Italy is focused only on the year 2032.

Russia also indicated interest in both tournaments, but their bid was withdrawn after the invasion of Ukraine.

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