“It still helps me, being young”

Former footballer Etienne Bolay has long been known to be a spirited athlete and never stops working. While on the podcast “Extra Dose” this week, the 38-year-old told host Jean-Philippe Bertrand that he had developed this aspect of his personality due to his size.

In fact, Pollai is neither the strongest nor the greatest. He said the previous corner kick was five feet nine “and a half”.

“When I began to cherish the dream of playing as a professional, I realized that I would never impress anyone when I walked into a hall where there were recruits. No one had ever said to themselves,“ Look at the mirror locker, I want it in the club. ”She went unnoticed,” he remembers. The one who wore the Montreal Alouette costume for six seasons.

“Very early in high school, I started training hard,” added Pollay. From there my skills evolved. I did not come into the world with an extraordinary talent. I had to learn. I think it helped me in life and it still helps me to be young. “

Experience to pass

Now retired from football, the Montreal native is trying to pass his experience on to his stepson. The latter is called Hayden Latendresse. He is the son of Maïka Desnoyers and Guillaume Latendresse. Like his father, the youngster excels at hockey.

“Hayden is huge! He’s like his dad. He’s 12 years old, he’s almost the same build as him. He surpasses me in size. What I don’t want is easy going down. If you have the privilege of having physical assets and developing a work ethic, the world is yours!” Said Pollay : “This is what I am trying to convey to him.”

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The person currently working as a TV host has also benefited from his appearance on “The Plus Dose” to talk about his career in the US, his flirtation with the NFL and his mysterious relationship with the party.

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