It ordered additional inspections on some Boeing 777s

The US Aviation Regulatory Authority (FAA) on Sunday ordered additional inspections of some commercial Boeing 777 aircraft the day after the engine of one of these devices had failed in Colorado.

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“After consulting my team of aviation safety experts about an engine failure yesterday [samedi] On board a Boeing 777 in Denver, I asked him to issue an emergency airworthiness directive that would require immediate or in-depth inspections of a Boeing 777 fitted with certain Pratt & Whitney PW4000 engines, ”an FAA official wrote on Twitter. “This will likely mean that some aircraft will be decommissioned.”

United Airlines Boeing 777-220, which took off Saturday from Denver (Colorado) to Honolulu (Hawaii) with 231 passengers and 10 crew members on board, had to turn around urgently after a fire broke out in its right-hand reactor.

The plane managed to land safely at the Denver airport, and none of its occupants was injured.

Rain of debris

A video taken by a passenger on board UA328 shows the right-hand engine of the aircraft on fire and shows that the damaged engine body is completely missing.

When the Boeing aircraft returned to the airport, bursts of debris, some large, landed in a residential area of ​​Broomfield, a suburb of Denver. No one was injured on the ground.

Steve Dickson said an initial review of the safety data revealed the need for additional checks of the fan blades for the type of reactor affected.

“Based on preliminary information, we concluded that the interval between inspections of the hollow propeller blades, which are only found in this type of engine, and are only used in Boeing 777s, should be shortened,” the Federal Aviation Administration official said.

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Dickson added that Federal Aviation Administration officials were meeting with representatives from Pratt & Whitney and Boeing on Sunday evening.

The US aircraft manufacturer has run into serious trouble in recent years with its other model, the 737 Max. The plane was prevented from flying in March 2019 after two accidents that killed 346 people, namely the Lion Air accident in Indonesia in October 2018 (189 deaths) and the Ethiopian Airlines accident in March 2019 in Ethiopia (157 people).

Crisis 737 Max

During the two crashes, it was after receiving false information from one of the attack sensors from the AOA angle, indicating that the aircraft was at a standstill, and that the flight control program, MCAS, had escaped away despite the pilots’ efforts to disable it. The plane got off, causing it to crash.

As a result, Boeing had to amend its flight control program and implement new training protocols for pilots before the aircraft was allowed to fly again, more than 20 months after the ban.

Commercial flights for the Boeing 737 Max have resumed from December 2020, first in Brazil, then in the United States and Canada. The first commercial flight in Europe, under the colors of the Belgian company TUI fly, took place on Wednesday 17 February between Brussels, Alicante and then Malaga, Spain.

When launched, the 737 Max was a huge success with airlines, and was Boeing’s fastest-selling model until it was discontinued in March 2019.

The COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences for international air transport have canceled orders for hundreds of aircraft.

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