It is expected that it will take years for MicroLED displays to become popular

it’s a Apple Watch Ultra for 2024 Which will be the first Apple device to take advantage of a MicroLED display, Mark Gurman told us last week. This screen was designed directly by Apple, and it will allow comparison with OLED screens to gain quality and brightness, in brightness and viewing angle, in energy efficiency and life span. It’s a long-term project: Apple was going to start working on MicroLED technology in 2017.

In a new article on bloombergMark Gurman explains that Apple intends to go big first with the iPhone, which will be one of the products that will take advantage of the advantages of MicroLED screens the most. However, the journalist specifies that it will likely take several years between launch on the Apple Watch and an extension for the iPhone: MicroLED technology will be particularly complex and expensive to produce in larger diameters. The iPad and Mac can also be affected in the long run, but don’t count on it in the near future: for the same reasons as the iPhone, it may take longer.

While waiting for MicroLED’s popularity to increase, Apple was set to set its sights on OLED technology over the next few years. Rumors abound already to announce the arrival by MacBook And iPad Pro Equipped with OLED screens from 2024, making it possible to achieve the technology’s “true black” property while gaining luminosity and achieving energy savings, not to mention gains in weight and thickness compared to the Mini-LED tiles currently used on the MacBook Pro and iPad Pro .

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