Israel consults with US ahead of attacks on missile launch site and nuclear base in Iran (media)

Following the consultations, the White House congratulated Naphtali Bennett on his government’s “transparency”.

On Saturday, it was reported that Israel had consulted with the United States before launching covert attacks against the Iranian nuclear plant in June and the missile launch site in September. New York Times.

According to the American Daily, Israel attacked a base owned by the Islamic Revolutionary Guards and targeted the Tesa compound in Garage, which is used to make the centrifuges needed to enrich uranium.

Following the consultations, the White House praised Naphtali Bennett’s government as “more open” than former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the newspaper said.

Expressions of New York Times Come after conversations with more than a dozen American and Israeli officials, while the Jewish government has not claimed responsibility for any of the strikes.

The newspaper said tensions between Washington and Jerusalem were continuing and that the United States and Israel were at odds over the effectiveness of attacks against Iranian targets.

Israel believes that Iran’s nuclear program has suffered a number of setbacks as a result of these strikes, while US officials believe that Iran is rebuilding its facilities with modern technology.

The newspaper reports that Jerusalem is concerned that Washington will try to prevent Israel from launching further attacks if a nuclear deal is struck with Iran.

For now, if diplomacy fails to resolve the Iranian nuclear issue, the United States has begun “preparations”, signaling that Washington no longer believes in the success of the resumption of talks in Vienna.

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