Israel appoints new ambassador to the United States

(Jerusalem) – Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has appointed retired Brigadier General Michael Herzog as Israel’s new ambassador to the United States, his services announced on Friday.

Michael Herzog, 69, is the brother of Israeli President Isaac Herzog who was elected in June, according to local media.

The Prime Minister’s Office said in its statement that the appointment of Michael Herzog “will be presented to the Cabinet without delay”.

If confirmed, Herzog will fill the position during the term of Yair Lapid – the current foreign minister – who will be prime minister from 2023 to 2025, according to a rotation agreement with Naftali Bennett.

Mr. Lapid (centre) was instructed in early May by the president to form a government after the failure of former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The latter had failed to mobilize a right-wing government after the March elections, the fourth in two years.

Then Mr. Lapid persuaded Naftali Bennett, the leader of the radical right, to embark on this government project with the key to power-sharing and rotation at the head of the government.

Michael Herzog will succeed Gilad Erdan, the former Likud minister under Benjamin Netanyahu, who is close to former US President Donald Trump.

An expert at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, Michael Herzog served 40 years in the Israel Defense Forces where he held senior positions including chief of strategic planning, military secretary and chief of staff under four defense ministers, according to the government press release. .

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He added that his appointment “due to his rich experience in the security and diplomatic fields and his deep knowledge of the strategic issues facing the State of Israel, foremost of which is the Iranian nuclear file.”

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