Israel and Greece have signed an agreement to allow vaccinated people to travel; United Kingdom and Estonia – International can follow

Israel and Greece on Monday announced an agreement to mutually recognize “green passports” that would allow vaccinated people to travel freely between the two countries. The Times of Israel, Quoted by Radar.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told a news conference with his Greek opponent, Griacos Mitsotakis, that there was “no limit, no self-isolation, nothing.”

Mitsotakis congratulated Netanyahu on Israel’s vaccination campaign and said he was looking forward to the arrival of Israeli tourists in Greece.

The cabinet last week voted to extend the suspension of flights in Israel until February 20.
The Israeli-Greek Tourism Agreement was signed by Israeli Foreign Minister Kofi Ashkenazi and his Greek counterpart Nicos Tendias at the Israeli Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem.

The Jewish press speculated that the agreement might take effect after Easter, which would begin later this month.

Israel is in talks with the United Kingdom and Estonia to open airstrips for vaccinators, according to military radio. According to the news broadcast on Monday, the discussions have been going on for several days.
Mitsotakis’ previous visit to Jerusalem in June discussed tourism and other issues.

Israel is also in talks with Romania, Serbia, Cyprus, Georgia and the Seychelles to reach similar agreements, according to the Yate News Agency.

Israel, Greece and Cyprus have friendly relations over gas exploitation in the Mediterranean, all of which have strained relations with Turkey in an attempt to expand its fuel production in the region.

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