Is there another foreclosure coming to the UK? all we know

Boris Johnson’s government is under mounting pressure to reimpose social restrictions to curb the growing number of Covid-19 cases in the UK and avert a winter health crisis.

Ministry of Health and Social Affairs Another 43,738 cases were recorded coronavirus on Tuesday as well as 223 deaths within 28 days of testing positive for respiratory illness, the highest fatality rate since March 9 before the vaccine took effect.

That total number of cases is down slightly from the 49,156 cases reported on Monday, but the number of infections has consistently remained above 40,000 over the past week, putting the UK once again at the forefront of the global response to the pandemic.

The government’s ‘Plan A’ – which provides booster vaccines to 30 million people identified as at risk – appears to have failed to work, Sir David King, Tony Blair’s chief scientist between 2000 and 2007, told Sky News. The publication was completed. “Too slow” and that a total of 3.1 million people reached so far is not enough.

Talk to BBC Radio 4 Today On Wednesday morning, Professor Neil Ferguson of Imperial College London also sounded the alarm by warning that immunity in the UK appears to be ‘waning’ due to the country’s rapid success in rolling out a vaccination programme, which began in December 2020.

Prof Ferguson said: “People should realize that we currently have higher levels of infection in the community than we have almost not seen during the pandemic.”

Matthew Taylor, director general of the NHS, has also responded to the increasingly alarming situation. stop the spread.

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“We’ve reached the limit – which is mid-October,” he said. “We will need an incredible opportunity not to find ourselves in the middle of a deep crisis for the next three months.

“The government should not only announce that we are going to Plan B, it should be Plan B incremental. We should do what is in Plan B in terms of masks … by working from home, but we should also try to achieve the kind of mobilization The patriotism that we did in the first and second waves, where the public put themselves in. Four to support and help the health service.

Downing Street has so far said it is monitoring the situation “closely” and acknowledged there were indications that the number of hospitalizations and deaths were increasing, but said it had “absolutely no plan” to reimpose restrictions, the latest of which was lifted on “Freedom Day” in July 19.

The prime minister reportedly told his cabinet that he believed their current coronavirus plan was keeping the virus under control while reiterating that he and his ministers “should put all our energies into our vaccination programmes.”

Regarding the possibility of implementing a new national lockdown, Business Minister Kwasi Koarting dismissed the idea in an interview with Sky News on Wednesday morning, saying, “I will rule it out.”

“I think talking about travel restrictions and restrictions on more barriers is totally unnecessary,” he added. We don’t want to go back to closures and other restrictions. “

A No 10 spokesperson confirmed this position on Wednesday afternoon, saying: “There are no proposed plans for further closures. We are committed to the fall-winter plan we have put in place for ourselves.”

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However, it was already reported in early September that the government had made plans in case a future ‘firewall’ shutdown becomes necessary due to an increase in cases, and an official confirmed at the time that it was not. It was just a contingency plan. Focus on reapplying. restrictions and that any new detention would only be imposed as a “last resort”.

Health Minister Sajid Javid is scheduled to hold a rare press conference to address the growing concerns in the country on Wednesday evening, a signal in and of itself, however he said, that the government at least recognizes the seriousness of the public’s concerns about the spread of infection. Rate.

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