Is the UK out of the woods after a year of epidemics?

Testing process – After paying a very high price for the corona virus, the United Kingdom is recording an amazing drop in pollution, which is linked to an effective vaccine. Can the infection turn page by page?

Question. Boris Johnson was initially a “Will return to normal in the summer“.A.”Nightclubs reopen in Juneยป, And recommend dropping restraining gestures in pubs in issuing a vaccine passport. If the British Prime Minister allows himself to push for better borders in this way, it is because epidemics are good for the UK. Very good: 5,606 pollutants (compared to France’s estimate of 45,651) in the 24 hours recorded on March 25, and the reproduction rate fluctuates from 0.6 to 0.9.

The country has paid a high price for the corona virus, which has killed more than 125,000 people, especially under the yoke of national diversity. To that end, the government decided to restrict the country as a whole for three months in early January. The schools reopened on March 8, and the country is preparing to ease its health restrictions. One year after the outbreak, England

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