Is the series based on a true story?

Released at the end of May on Netflix, the series The beauty of Jerusalem Set in 1919 and with historical elements that make you wonder if it’s a true story. Here is the answer.

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It was released on May 20 on Netflix, The beauty of Jerusalem It is an Israeli series that will delight history buffs. If you’ve seen it before, you’ve probably wondered if it’s a true story. The beauty of Jerusalem Adapted from the bestselling novel by Sarit Yishai Levi, it is not taken from a true story. On the other side, The book is based on the real historical context. Author Sarit Yishai Levi introduces the reader to Immerse yourself in the history of Israel, under Turkish hegemony. The plot continues under the British Mandate since 1920, then the declaration of the State of Israel in 1947. It also describes the 1948/1949 Arab-Israeli conflict, at the end of the British Mandate for Palestine. This conflict is opposed by Israel, which had just declared its independence at the time, and many Arab countries. Sarit Yishai Levi evokes, among other things, established defense groups, particularly the paramilitary organizations of the Haganah, Lehi, and Etzel (Irgun).

The beauty of Jerusalem When will the second season be released on Netflix?

Conspiracy The beauty of Jerusalem 1919, and thus under the Ottoman Empire, then the British Mandate. The photo shows Rosa, a housekeeper, marrying a merchant but the latter falling in love with someone else. This choice will have an impact on his relationship with his eldest daughter… The series was critically acclaimed in Israel, where it was broadcast in 2021, and won four Oscars Israeli TV. It was renewed for a second season. The producers announced it’s coming to Netflix very soon: by the end of 2022 !

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The beauty of Jerusalem : 1 series, 2 squeezes

Because this melodrama is multigenerational It will be one of the best series among history lovers. The series simultaneously narrates two different timelines. Shows some events from the past, then moves to the future, in a file Smooth storytelling. Overall, it gives viewers a full sense of the historical events unfolding in an accessible manner.

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