Is lemon juice useful for digestion? Uncertain

After you overeat, can lemon juice prevent indigestion? The Rumor detector I wondered what the supposed benefits of this drink were.

The origin of the rumor

Lemon juice it contains It contains a lot of vitamin C, and it is also rich in it Flavonoids, Who is the Will be Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties beneficial to gut health. In addition, it can limit the growth of pathogenic bacteria, which will have positive effects on microbial flora.

Some the doctors It is also recommended to add a little lemon juice and honey to hot water to relieve heartburn.

Mixed effects on digestion

However, it must be remembered that indigestion can have several causes the reasonsOvereat, too much alcohol, gastroesophageal reflux disease, infection, etc. To date, there are no studies evaluating the effect of lemon juice in reducing discomfort in these situations.

a Chinese study Definitely conclude that lemon juice has antioxidant properties that protect the liver from alcohol damage. However, this experiment was performed on mice and may not be applicable to humans.

Moreover, according to GastroenterologistsInstead, some people report that citrus juices exacerbate symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease. Because lemon juice is acidic, it can theoretically Reducing the stomach’s pH and increasing the time required to empty it. However, in practice, Studies It did not appear that this link is very strong.

Maybe a preventive role?

However, lemon juice added to water or food can preventively neutralize various germs. According to the researchers, the citric acid it contains will actually prevent the reproduction of certain bacteria by reducing the pH of the food.

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Studies also seem to indicate that lemon juice can reduce the risk of developing a gastrointestinal infection due to it Antimicrobial activity. For example, it inactivates bacteria from sex Vibrio As well as Escherichia coli O157 / H7, Intestinal salmonella And the Listeria monocytogenes When used to season meat.

Finally, some experts are of the opinion that lemon juice will be effective in disinfecting water to make it drinkable. As well as that, Japanese researchers Show that a lemon juice solution can act as a mouthwash.

Other beneficial effects?

Researchers are also digging other methods, other than digestion. to me Rat studiesThe polyphenols in lemon reduce obesity, prevent insulin resistance, and improve fat metabolism. a In vitro study It indicates that lemon juice delays glucose absorption by blocking the enzymes responsible for digesting starch. a Human study Confirms that this juice reduces blood sugar in people who have just eaten bread.

Finally, some say lemon juice can reduce lemon juice high pressure And that eating citrus fruits would reduce the risk stomach cancer. Researchers fromUniversity of Wisconsin And theDuke University It has also shown that unsweetened lemon juice can slow kidney stone formation.


Although some substances in lemon juice have beneficial properties for digestive health, no studies have shown that it can relieve indigestion.

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