Is China trying to spy on the US to thank Huawei?

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According to the American news channel CNN, China will spy on the US nuclear arsenal thanks to its communication antennas made by Huawei. Since 2017, the FBI has been investigating the installation of Chinese telecommunications antennas on US soil. He stopped what he saw as obvious attempts to install listening devices near military and government structures.

CNN talks about a Chinese garden from the Capitol, in Washington DC. It is a 100 million dollar Chinese project. Temples, pandals, 20 meter high pagoda and large gardens. But with a little digging, counterintelligence officers realized several things: The pagoda was allegedly placed on one of Washington DC’s highest points, and construction materials were shipped to China in suitcases that US customs officials couldn’t examine.

Fears that an antenna on the pagoda’s roof was spying on the Capitol prompted the FBI to quietly cancel the plan.

Two billion dollars to remove Huawei antennas

What inspires us to explore more deeply, especially in the American Northeast. CNN takes the example of the state of Montana, which has several missile pits. The FBI is concerned about several telecom towers using Huawei sensors.

We can’t really know if China has captured strategic data from these towers, but as a precaution, Congress has approved a $2 billion package to remove these Huawei antennas in 2020, but nothing has been removed yet. Surgery can be more expensive than expected.

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