Is a fight between Decayer and Spencer really possible?

Many Quebec boxing fans are calling for a fight with a local flavor between Marie-Yves DeCaire and Mary Spencer, the new sweetheart of the overweight class.

Is such a duel really possible? We discuss the question in the first episode of the new boxing podcast on TVA Sports, “The Final Round,” hosted by Matthew Cassavant and Ross Anber, taped Wednesday. Watch it in the video above.

Our experts do not believe that the project will materialize.

“There are no negotiations at this time,” Casavante said. It might never happen.”

It also raised the possibility of Dekaer retiring after her clash with Britain’s Natasha Jonas on November 12 in Manchester, UK. Holding the IBF belt at 154 pounds, Dicaire will then attempt to oust Jonas, who owns the WBC, WBO and The Ring Magazine crowns.

“It’s a good decision by Dicaire at this point in his career. There is a good chance that this will be his last fight regardless of the outcome,” Casavante said.

“Spencer Scary”

If Decayer would have preferred to compete with Jones rather than Spencer, it is in particular because English women are less dangerous, in Anber’s opinion.

“From the outside, that’s the only reason I see why Decayer would go to England rather than take on Spencer. Even if she did risk getting robbed, it would be much easier to fight against Jonas than against Spencer. It’s not imposing at all. I’ve seen her often in England, I was even in her corner to fight. She wouldn’t be a match for Spencer.”

“Dicaire may not be interested in fighting three fights against Spencer as Hilton and Ouellet. They are probably going bankrupt by going to England. Spencer is intimidating everyone in her division. The only way for Spencer to fight a world title fight is to be the obligatory contender and the champion forced to fight it.”

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Anber also doubts what enthusiasm such a fight would provoke.

“I don’t think we would have drawn crowds as it did in the Hilton-Olliet days.”

Anger “lacking class”

Moreover, at the beginning audio notationAnber explained why Tyson Fury avoided a heavyweight unification match against Oleksandr Usyk. He had a lot to say!

Anber has not been kind to Fury because of his recent actions. According to him, the colorful boxer “lacks class” by challenging Usyk in the public arena.

“I am disgusted with everything that happened. Fury called his opponents by names. He was lacking in class with his notes. He mocked them,” our boxing expert lamented.

“He even dared to challenge Anthony Joshua and give him an ultimatum on social media for trying to humiliate him,” Anber added. He doesn’t really want to face Usyk and Joshua.”

Finally, we end the “show” with a question for the fans: Should Otis Grant be considered one of the best boxers in Canadian boxing history?

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