Ireland’s Role to Suspend AstraZeneca Vaccine Use | Corona Virus

Les autorités sanitaires irlandaises ont recommandé de suspendre par «précaution» dès dimanche l’utilisation du vaccin AstraZeneca contre le coronavirus, après que des cas de caillots sanguins ont été rapport té étété, mais sans qu’un lien lien avété, mais sans qu’un lien lien avété At this stage.

This recommendation was issued after a report from the Norwegian authorities Four serious new cases of blood clots in adults After receiving the vaccine from the Anglo-Swedish laboratory.

Norway, like Iceland or Denmark, announced Thursday the suspension of AstraZeneca vaccine injections due to concerns related to the formation of blood clots.

Bulgaria followed suit on Friday and Thailand postponed its campaign.

In response, the pharmaceutical group confirmed Friday that its vaccine does not cause any vaccine Exacerbate risks blood clot.

Certainly Analyzing safety data covering more than 10 million recorded cases, we observed no evidence of increased risk of pulmonary embolism or stroke., Details of the laboratory in his press release.

In fact, the numbers for this type of medical problem are much lower in those who have been vaccinated compared to what would be expected in the population as a whole., he added.

The World Health Organization announced Friday that he was there There is no reason not to use it This vaccine has not found a causal link to the formation of blood clots.

However, the European Medicines Agency considered that there was a causal relationship Possible At least in some of the 41 reports of potential anaphylaxis seen among nearly 5 million vaccines in the UK.

She says severe allergies should be added to the list of possible side effects of the vaccine, but they are still safe.

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