Iran blames Washington for sticking to Trump’s stances

(Tehran) Tehran on Thursday criticized the United States led by Joe Biden for not changing the “maximum pressure” policy against Iran of the Donald Trump administration, warning that this would not lead to any diplomatic breakthrough.

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“The United States says it prefers diplomacy, not Trump’s failed ‘maximum pressure’ policy,” Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif wrote on Twitter.

“Néanmoins (le secrétaire d’État américain Anthony Blinken) se vante d’empêcher la Corée (du Sud) de transférer notre PROPRE argent (pour permettre à l’Iran d’acheter) des produits alimentaires et médicaux», at- he adds.

Zarif was responding to comments made by Mr. Blinken the day before.

He told a parliamentary committee that he does not intend to allow countries such as South Korea or Iraq to release billions of dollars in Iranian assets – frozen due to US sanctions – before Tehran returns to the full and full implementation of the concluded international Iranian nuclear agreement. In Vienna in 2015.

The Iranians and Americans say they want to save this agreement, which they blew up in 2018 with the decision of former US President Donald Trump to remove the United States from it and pursue Iran with punitive economic sanctions.

But to lift the sanctions imposed by the Trump administration on Tehran, Washington is calling on Tehran to return to implementing the agreement.

Tehran, which has freed itself from most of its commitments it made in Vienna in response to Trump’s denial of the text, says it is ready to return to the terms of the agreement, but on the condition that the United States lift the “ first agreement. ” The sanctions that have brought the Iranian economy into a deep recession were supposed to start leaving the country in the second half of 2020, according to official Iranian statistics.

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Zarif warned that “repeating the same policies will not lead to any new results,” while neither Washington nor Tehran seems to want to take the first step.

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