Iran: Accident in a nuclear facility. Neither casualties nor pollution

An “accident” occurred on Sunday morning at the uranium enrichment plant in Natanz, central Iran, but it did not result in any casualties or pollution, according to Fars, which quoted a spokesman for the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization (OIEA).

An accident occurred in a part of the power grid of the Shahid Ahmadi and Roshan enrichment facility, the Natanz nuclear complex, where the previous day, the Iranian authorities launched new batches of centrifuges banned under the 2015 Iranian nuclear agreement, a spokesman for the World Organization for Animal Health (OIEA). Behrouz Kamalondi told Fars.

“There are no injuries or contamination,” which it regrets, “Fars news agency quoted Kamalondi as saying.” The causes of the accident are being investigated and more information will be communicated later. “

In early July, the centrifuge assembly plant was badly damaged by a mysterious explosion. The authorities concluded that there had been “sabotage” of “terrorist” origin, but had not yet published the results of their investigation.

President Hassan Rouhani remotely inaugurated a new centrifuge assembly plant in Natanz on Saturday at the same time he issued an order to operate or test three new sets of centrifuges.

These new centrifuges provide Iran with the possibility to enrich uranium faster and in greater quantities, with quantities and a degree of refinement prohibited under the 2015 agreement in Vienna between the Islamic Republic and the International Islamic Republic.

The United States unilaterally denounced the agreement in 2018, and immediately reinstated the US sanctions that had been lifted under the agreement.

In response, Iran has since 2019 freed from most of the major commitments it made in Vienna to restrict its nuclear activities.

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Discussions are ongoing in Vienna between the Islamic Republic and other countries that are parties to the 2015 agreement (Germany, China, France, Great Britain and Russia) on how to reintegrate the United States into this agreement. In the Austrian capital.

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