iPhone 13’s “always-on” display and mini-LED display for future MacBook Pro

at Sunday talkMark Gurman gives some thoughtlessness about the iPhone 13 and the future of the MacBook Pro. curious Bloomberg He describes the upcoming smartphones: they should work, logically, with the A15 chip, have a smaller notch, have a screen designed to consume as little battery as possible, a refresh rate of 120 Hz, as well as an “always on” mode like this from Apple Watch.

Galaxy S8 screen that is always on.

So it will be possible to access the information on the screen in standby mode (which it will not be), like many Android smartphones that have long included “always on” functions. It remains to be seen if all models in the range will have it, just like 120Hz – aux latest newsPro models will only benefit from the ProMotion capabilities we’ve known on the iPad Pro since 2017.

Mark Gurman also plans to launch a new MacBook Pro between September and November, which will be equipped with small LED screens in the style of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro released this year. These machines were supposed to be released earlier, but there were complications related to the production of screens.

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